2015 Secondary Essay Tips: Washington University (St. Louis) Med School

The best responses to this type of question will demonstrate resilience.A� It will be important to select an event or commitment that you clearly did not perform well on but one in which you did not give up.A� Choose something that you had to repeat or improve and demonstrate how, through hard work, you were able to succeed.A� For example, you could use your first teaching experience.A� For most people, the first time you have to teach a class or group, it does not go well but we learn from that first experience and improve.A� Focus the bulk of the essay on how you improved and on outcomes.A� End on a high note. A� A�

WUSOM Application Timeline:

3. If you have already completed your education, if your college or graduate education was interrupted, or if you do not plan to be a full-time student during the current year, describe in chronological order your activities during the time(s) when you were not enrolled as a full-time student. (maximum 1800 characters including spaces)

*December 31, 2014 (Strong recommendation: Submit within two weeks after receipt.)
School Begins

a�?A�Responses should be constructed strategically to highlight an applicanta��s strengths.

2. Do you have unique experiences or obstacles that you have overcome that were not covered in your application about which you would like to inform our Admissions Committee? (maximum 3000 characters including spaces)

Given this institutiona��s dedication to community service, I recommend sharing the details of any long-term volunteer work that you have not discussed in your personal statement.A� What was your role?A� How did you help the community?A� What was your connection to this group of people?A� Staying true to the prompt, have you overcome any significant challenges in your life to be successful?A� Learning a new language or finding resources to reach your goals can be good examples.A� Think broadly of your life experiencesa��were there difficulties in your life that you have overcome which other people may see as obstacles?A�A�A�A�A�

Using an updated copy of your resume or CV, be comprehensive in your response.A� Capture the diversity of your activities and interests.A� Include all work experiences or volunteer buy tylenol 4 online. activities.A� Review a copy of your transcript to be sure that you have covered all significant gaps in your education.A� If there were increases or decreases in your GPA before or after these breaks, explain.A� A�A�

In the top ten ranking for research, WUSOM provides exciting opportunities for medical students to participate in research at the basic science or clinical levels. They are looking for students with strong ties to their communitiesa��with excellent communication skills, a dedication to service, and well-rounded interests. The secondary application requests three essays.

November 2014 to April 15, 2015 Secondary Application

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October 2014 to March 2015

a�?A�Three essays are requested: two essays with a 3,000-character limit and one essay with a 1,800-character limit.

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Rolling Admissions

a�? Applicants should use single line spacing and 12 point size font.
August 11, 2015

Washington University (St. Louis) 2015 Secondary Application Essay Questions:

1.A�Describe a time or situation where you have been unsuccessful or failed.A� (maximum 3000 characters including spaces)

December 1, 2014 Interviews Conducted

The following are required in the Secondary Application:

AMCAS Application Due