Yeah, Fi Fe provide motivation, but I would definitely say

I see. Yeah, Fi Fe provide motivation, but I would definitely say that Nx provide equal motivation as Sx just in a non material and therefore non obvious way; Ni is doing the exact same thing that Si does, when organising stuff, detail oriented work, but entirely in the mind. Lemme quote something I said on this waaay earlier in the thread:.

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swimsuits for women If Tales of Link just stuck with Judith and Muzet levels of fanservice, fine. But Hot Springs Kanonno, 3rd Anni Sara, School Sophie bathing suit shorts, and Swim Laphicet all have this drugged out/submissive quality to them that is skeevy to me, and if this art had existed from the beginning of the game, I would not have started playing. I would just categorize it as a game not for me and move on swimsuits for women.

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