Allen won’t be unseating Newton anytime soon

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That's what is needed, because building around defensive ends is what the Buckeyes have done. Since Joey Bosa emerged as a true freshman in 2013, pressure on the passer has been assumed in Columbus. Most years since, the Buckeyes had a defensive end playing at an All America level, and when they didn't, like in 2016, they rotated four defensive ends who all wound up in the NFL, led by Tyquan Lewis, who wasn't quite an All America level but was the Big Ten defensive lineman of the year..

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wholesale jerseys They turned to kicker Joey Slye when Graham Gano was injured, and Slye promptly won the job and has performed well through three games. The Panthers turned to Kyle Allen when a foot injury sidelined Cam Newton on Sunday, and the former undrafted free agent sparked what had been a moribund offense in a win in Arizona. Allen won't be unseating Newton anytime soon, but coach Ron Rivera announced Allen will start again Sunday in Houston. wholesale jerseys

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