Credit cards will not be accepted

It a realm in which the attitudes around gender and orientation aren just out of date. They medieval. Men are defined as big, strong, violent, physically courageous warriors. Shunning, Guilt, Delusion, Obsession, Technophobia, Misogyny, Homophobia, Excommunication, Penance all these things are part of religion as practiced today. But none is as highly strange as the Roman Catholic practice of demanding celibacy from its personnel, both male and female. The highly publicized scandals and yet more scandals concerning criminal sex acts committed by priests against minors, especially young boys, is no coincidence.

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I love watching well coached defenses, and Sean McDermott teams are always at the top of that list. The thing that stands out about this Bills defense is how disciplined it is, no matter what an offense throws at it. Well, that discipline is going to be put to the test by Kyle Shanahan 49ers offense, which is based on manipulating certain defenders.

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