The 35 year old did his aspirations of featuring at

Shoop, now the longtime coach at UAB, is retiring at the end of this month after nearly 40 years in the game. He has made a mark on a city and sport that will carry on into our future generations. It stings that one of the most thoughtful coaches in baseball had to announce the decision to his players on Sunday evening with, of all things, a Zoom call, but even then he found a way to send a message that will last..

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Brought in Mike. Mike really good. He has lots of experience in different situations. RG3 hasn come close to repeating his dynamic regular season play since. Washington and Cleveland both have cut him in the past 14 months. Today he looking for work..

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Even more impressive was man of the match Marika Koroibete zigzagging run from 45 metres out that led to his ninth Test try and sent a reminder that Australia possess a slippery winger in their artillery with eye catching speed. Samoa asked questions of Australia defence but could only come away with a penalty before Adam Ashley Cooper (38) went outright third on the list of the Wallabies top try scorers ahead of Israel Folau (37) and behind David Campese (64) and Chris Latham (40). The 35 year old did his aspirations of featuring at the World Cup no harm with a sound showing but few others in a gold jersey banged the selection door down on Saturday night.

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