The remaining arts journalists

"We going to have millions of cases." But he added "I don want to be held to that" because the pandemic is "such a moving target."One in three Americans remain under state or local government orders to stay at home to slow the spread of the virus, with schools and businesses closed and public life upended.Dr. Deborah Birx, head of the White House coronavirus task force, said parts of the country with few cases so far must prepare for what to come. "No state, no metro area, will be spared," she said on NBC "Meet the Press."Fauci said he would only support the rollback in lesser impacted areas if more testing is in place to monitor those areas.

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Trump spoke by phone with top leaders including Roger Goodell of the National Football League and the NBA Adam Silver, telling them he hoped to get people back in seats as soon as possible. "I want fans back in the arenas," he said. "Whenever we ready, as soon as we can." The virus has decimated the sports world with the National Basketball Association and the National Hockey League suspending their seasons indefinitely and Major League Baseball postponing the start of its season.

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