They’re pressuring the two companies to share nba cheap jerseys Harnessing the left wing movement he created has been trickier.Thousands of his former volunteers publicly warned him that their organizing networks are on the verge of falling apart since he dropped out of the presidential race five weeks ago. Ex aides fear that the precious data they collected on his supporters, which could be used to elect progressive candidates and oust President Donald Trump, is going to waste.Even Our Revolution, the group started by Sanders in 2016, lacks access to his new email list that made him the best Democratic fundraiser this year.Many of Sanders' allies were demoralized by what they saw as Our Revolution failing to live up to its potential after his first presidential run. Now, in the wake of a second unsuccessful campaign, some fear they're witnessing a repeat of the 2016 wreck unfold in real time."I feel like I'm in some kind of simulation that's having a glitch.

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