And Lena Waithe, to name a few

Granddaughter, her spirits are broke, said Pamela Thompson, victim grandmother. Thompson described her granddaughter injuries in the wake of the gang style attack on Thursday, March 5 on Utica Avenue in Crown Heights. Has a concussion, said Thompson.

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MLB had continued to play into Thursday and the announcement came while some exhibitions were still going on, but baseball changed course after Florida Gov. We fully support the measures taken today by Major League Baseball. We will have more information at a future date for our fans who have tickets to Spring Training or regular season games.".

Fans this year can view the Bethpage Virtual Air Show right from the comfort of their own homes! Sit back, grab a bowl of popcorn, and watch your favorite pilots do what they do best perform exciting maneuvers, climb through the sky, tumble and turn, and demonstrate why they are the best at what do they! The Air Show Director will welcome fans to the show and introduce the show Air Show Boss, Wayne Boggs, and Air Show Announcer, Rob Reider. Performers and pilots will also share specially recorded messages with fans and footage from some of their favorite air show performances. The Bethpage Virtual Air Show will take place Memorial Day Weekend, on May 24.

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