) Newton, the sixth African American quarterback to

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Cheap Jerseys china These are fans who made a bold statement telling NFL players, we fans pay to watch you play football and not watch your political grandstanding. If you want to play politics do it on your own time. If you do it during the time you should be playing football, we won't pay for it. Cheap Jerseys china

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wholesale jerseys from china A sport defined for a decade by two aging stars and Tom Brady haunted by headlines involving brain injuries and domestic violence could use fresh air. (Manning now finds himself fighting allegations of performance enhancing drug use, which the NFL is investigating.) Newton, the sixth African American quarterback to start a Super Bowl, is a charismatic free spirit unburdened by the conventions of being a franchise quarterback. And even in a league filled with dazzling talents, the 26 year old Newton stands out. wholesale jerseys from china

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